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The Company

Sempitado Sempitado Sempitado Sempitado Sempitado Sempitado

Why "S'empitado"? The empit, in Majorquin, is a structural ornament located between the cross-arm of a Majorcan classic railing. With our company name and logo we want to convey our taste for rustic construction typical of our island, enabling the fusion of the classic with the art of our time.

We are supported by our history. We have over 20 years experience in the industry construction, we have developed along this time a high degree of specialization in reform and rehabilitation of buildings, as well as performing new works own esthetic finishes in our area.

A nod to the classicism. Along these years we have been recovering equipment and furniture of all kinds, which we offer to our customers who want to provide a strong Majorcan touch home. In our Catalog you can found some of the items recycled / restored that we offer (from tile to typical furniture as doors, homegrown, chairs, etc..). You can also visit us to see our exhibition site..


Professionals constantly improving.

Professionals constantly improving. Always at the forefront to incorporate any progress on the construction technique and the latest equipment, materials and work with premium brands and we offer to out customers our best asset: human capital. This allows us to leave our mark of quality in each area involved in the construction process: building (facades, roofs, interiors), facilities (electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc..). We invite you to visit our Projects for details of our finishes.

Quality, transparency, reliability.

Get the satisfaction of our customers is our commitment, and we extend it to initial consultation, strict compliance with applicable regulations and scrupulous respect for deadlines previously agreed, offering to the customer a regular and transparent monitoring of our work to achieve the desired results. Quality is our guarantee.

365 days / 24 hours at your service. At the same time we offer to our customers a continued service of maintenance of farms, pools and gardens, at very competitive prices.

We are "S'empitado" and want to be your friend.